Rod Harrison performs from Twice Through the Maze by BURNING BOOKS. Harrison, who appears as “the Unreliable Witness,” testifies before the Tribunal about the origins of the Maze. 

Words: Melody Sumner Carnahan
Soundtrack: Max Neutra’s Molecular Randomizer
Afterward: Mary-Charlotte Domandi of the Radio Cafe.

7 pm. FREE

Rod Harrison has been performing on stages in Santa Fe since 1991, working with Ironweed Productions, Shakespeare in Santa Fe, Theaterwork, The Santa Fe Playhouse, and many others. From 1996-2010 he was a member of Theater Grottesco. His one-man show, a re-creation of comedian Lord Buckley's material, has been seen across the country. In 2010 he was part of the Roots of American Musoc Festival at Lincoln Center. In May of 1990, Rod was the subject of a "Talk of the Town" essay in The New Yorker.